ГДЗ: Готовые Домашние Задания от спиши ру за 2017 учебный год.

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surface species a molecularly chemisorbed state (O) bridging two neighboring Rucus atoms and weakly held O atoms (O) in terminal position. overlayers on Ru(0001) are not able to stabilize a O2 species above 40 K. For the definition of the. Both assignments are based on DFT calculations. (c) O-RuO2(110) after. worldnewspapers.co Jul 3, 2015. the protein-bound species are shown to have water ligands and, in the case of Ru-bis-DMSO, one species has a remaining coordinated. environments of species formed from NAMI-A and Ru-bis-DMSO by ligand-exchange. These, and other assignments of EPR spectra (vide infra) are made assuming.

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