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days ago. A great resume summary goes at the top of the page - in the most prominent position. Use it to attract recruiters attention.. As you can see, Indy starts his sample resume summary statement by opening with the title of the job (one of his professional titles) and a headline. His headline is supported by. Not sure which font to use on your resume?. Its also a good idea to choose a standard,. you may want to use Didot only for headings on your resume.

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7 Resume Headers and Sections You Need

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Suggestions for Resume Headers Common Resume Headings. Common Resume Headings. To know which of the following subheadings you are going to use you have to know Who. Sep 27, 2010. The language you use to describe yourself on the top of your resume can define your job search. Choose your job title carefully. 090304resumemagnify3. A job title can make or break a good first impression. You certainly dont want to lie about your job history, but you do want to be descriptive. For example.

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