stresses and deformations in involute spur gears by finite element

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PARAMETRIC STUDY OF FATIGUE IN LIGHT POLE STRUCTURES. A Thesis. Presented to. The Graduate Faculty of The University of Akron. In Partial Fulfillment. The fatigue behavior of light pole structures under wind loadings (specifically,. ANSYS Workbench was used to complete all of the analysis (ANSYS, 2012). a 10 page research paper The main objective of this thesis is to analyze contact stress and estimate surface fatigue life in rolling-sliding contact of involute spur gear by finite element method (FEM). To do this three dimensional involute spur gear pair was developed in Solidworks 2012 Premium. This 3D model was imported to Ansysworkbench 14.5.

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An adaptive model reduction approach for 3D fatigue crack growth

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